Domain Aftermarket Expert.

Josh is a renowned domain aftermarket expert and branding consultant with multiple businesses both inside and outside of the domain industry. He has been instrumental in buying and selling hundreds of premium domain names for clients around the globe.


Josh and his various businesses feature regularly in multiple domain industry publications and podcasts.

Services provides a range of professional services within the domain name industry. If you're interested in buying or selling a premium domain name then you've come to the right place.

Buying a domain name is difficult for a variety of reasons. Understanding how to value domains is important but the most common challenge is establishing meaningful contact with the right person. Often registrants are protected by paid privacy or GDPR regulations. We have multiple strategies and tools to help establish contact with these domain name owners.

Selling valuable domain names is also best done by the pros. When it comes to domain valuation there are numerous data points that are generally accepted as domain value indicators. If you're trying to sell a premium domain then understanding the the value is a critical place to start. With the help of Josh you get access to his extensive network of domain buyers giving you the best opportunity to sell a premium domain for TOP dollar.

ServiceContactPriceSuccess Fee
Domain BrokerageJoshFree15%
Domain AppraisalsJosh$99 per domainN/A
Domain ConsultingJosh$150 per hourN/A Podcast


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